CTP is 3 Badge Hunt Is On!

Well the CTP is 3 badge hunt is in full swing and there is $1000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. Whoever collects the most badges gets it. If there is a tie it is split amongst the winners.

So if you're not in CTP now is the best time to get in and you can do that right here.

Also if you are already a member of CTP then go ahead and grab my badge right here.

Well good luck and have fun hunting for the badges!

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Mary Owens
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P.S. Work with me personally!

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Happy Quote

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Acting Like A Proffessional In Network Marketing

In this video mike talks about not letting emotion get in the way of proffessionalism. So watch the video and enjoy! ❤

Acting Like A Proffessional In Network Marketing


Your Morning Ritual

Do you have a morning ritual? Well you should. Watch this video to get an example. Enjoy! ❤

Your Morning Ritual


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How To Like My Fan Page

 In this video I show you how to like my fan page and get notifications from it. So click the link below and watch the video and enjoy!

How To Like My Fan Page


Episode 8 - Jonathan Cronstedt, Large Gentlemen & The Angry

In this video Dave S. and Dave W. introduce us to the new CEO of Empower Network, talk about how they met and tell a hilarious story about breakfast with Dave W.
So click the link below, sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

Episode 8 - Jonathan Cronstedt, Large Gentlemen & The Angry